AI Agent Event
Collection & Analytics

The data application that helps your business better understand the impact of GenAI on your customers’ behavior

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Introducing AI Agent

Event Collection & Analytics

Snowplow AI Agent Event Collection and Analytics data application, launching June 4, 2024 with Snowflake Cortex, helps brands understand the impact of Generative AI investments, such as customer chatbots and LLM agents, on the customer journey and digital experience. Snowplow AI Agent Event Collection and Analytics data application will soon be integrated with most preferred cloud data platforms.

Sentiment Analysis

Deeper Customer 360 Insights

LLM Effectiveness

Model Experimentation

Challenges in the Adoption of AI Agents

Understanding Impact of AI Investments

As companies increasingly invest in AI to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge, understanding its impact on customer behavior and financial performance is crucial.

Lack of Customer Data Infrastructure

Many businesses lack the proper infrastructure to collect detailed behavioral data between customers and large language model (LLM) agents, hindering their ability to leverage AI effectively.

Integrating AI into Customer Experience

In an era where customer experience is increasingly shaped by interactions with generative AI applications, it’s essential for businesses to incorporate AI into the customer experience to gain a competitive edge.

Change Management for AI

Companies must update their operations to incorporate the insights generated from AI-driven customer experiences into their broader analytics and data science workflows.

Key Insights

Sentiment Analysis

Real-Time Measurement of AI Interactions

Measure your customers’ conversations with AI agents in real-time to better understand engagement vs frustration. Snowplow will help determine if human intervention is required or trigger follow-up communications to promote conversion.

Real-Time Conversation Analysis via Snowpipe Streaming

Actionable Insights in your Data Warehouse

Adapt the Experience for Customers

LLM Effectiveness

Enhance Customer Insights and ROI

Understand the performance of the LLM responses to drive desired customer behavior. With intent matching modeling powered by Snowflake Cortex, teams can better correlate the LLM’s recommendations to customer conversion (purchasing, subscribing, etc).

Assess LLM Fulfillment in Streamlit Dashboards

Optimize GenAI Investments and Models

Breakdown Different Intent Matching Models (Exact, Broad, Proximity)

Deeper Customer 360 Insights

Overcome Limitations in AI Interaction Data Collection

Traditional digital and product analytics tools are limited in their collection of AI agent interactions. Our next-gen CDI allows teams to seamlessly collect real-time behavioral data from unstructured conversations between humans and LLMs.

Overcome Limitations from Traditional Analytics

Leverage Next-Gen CDI Capabilities

Improve Accuracy & Depth of Data Collection

Model Experimentation

Understand the Impact of LLMs on Your Customer Experience

Subdivide customers into treatment and control groups to quantify the incremental benefit of your LLM agent on the customer journey. This data allows the organization to identify optimizations across the agent journey and communicate the GenAI program’s ROI.

Uplift Modeling to Assess Impact of GenAI on Customer Journeys

Identify Opportunities to Incorporate or Reduce AI Agent Intervention

Compare and Optimize Different Customer Agent Implementations

Snowplow Data Applications

Data Applications, such as AI Agent Event Collection & Analytics, are pre-built self-service analytics tools designed to unlock insights directly from your own warehouse or lake. With Snowplow, you can either use our pre-built data apps and visualizations for immediate insights or leverage the underlying data tables to create your own custom visualizations.

Digital Analytics

Understand the end-to-end customer journey and unlock essential insights about customer behavior and marketing performance.

Ecommerce Analytics

Uncover the insights that optimize customer acquisition, improve conversion and drive lifetime value.

AI Agent Analytics

Better understand the impact of Generative AI investments, such as customer chatbots and LLM agents, on the customer journey and digital experience.

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