Optimize your aggregation platform with Snowplow

Drive your business forward with high-quality, real-time data that gives you complete insight into your users and suppliers

Ensure a reliable platform for customers and suppliers

Flag service failures and catch anomalies as soon as they happen. With Snowplow, you can build a forecasting system on top of your real-time stream, using dimensions such as device type, URL host, country, and app version to quickly detect and recover from system failures for a consistently excellent user experience.

Display high-converting search results

Gain a complete understanding of user behavior to provide better product recommendations and deliver a memorable search experience. Convert more customers by leveraging Snowplow’s powerful event tracking framework and flexible data structures to capture the most granular data about user search behavior, customized to your business.

Dynamically optimize your pricing

Increase the chances of converting new users, and retain loyal customers with propensity-based pricing options. Snowplow delivers granular and high-quality behavioral data that accurately reflects user demand across categories, locations, and more so you can deliver the right pricing to each customer, in real time.

Understand how supplier performance impacts your offering

With customizable tracking and flexible data structures, Snowplow gives you the data you need to understand and optimize your offering based on supplier inventory, infrastructure and data quality. Pinpoint which suppliers get the best results, and use these insights to drive more traffic and sales.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Ensure your marketing spend is delivering the results you want. Track exactly what marketing campaigns and content individual users engage with, tying the data to downstream conversions to understand the true ROI of your marketing initiatives and ad spend.

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